Welcome to my new website

Dear Readers and Visitors:

I decided to start a new website that concentrated on writing and information I find in my research for my stories. I also wanted to connect more with you, my readers, through the site. I’m going to be asking you to comment on my stories and interesting items I come across in my research. I will also showcasing fellow writers from time to time.

I hear some writers say they never read the reviews they get on their work. I appreciate reviews and read everyone. I take all constructive criticism seriously and have incorporated many of those criticisms in my work.

When I started writing, I really didn’t expect to sell a lot of books. I was just started writing because I had these stories banging around in my head that needed to get out. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well my books have been received.

Recently, my publisher was contacted by Amazon with an offer to put selected authors into their Imprint series. My first two books, GOTU and Necessary Retribution were selected for the Amazon Encore imprint. When Ken Shear, the CEO of Booktrope, called me tell me the news, I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t and I’m still amazed at that great news.

I’m currently working on several projects, but concentrating on the third installment of the Robin Marlette series. This new story will take three books tell and the team is taking on a very sinister opponent. You might be surprised as to who that is.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll come by again.

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